The ChemTech Company

Consultancy, support, optimisation.

A company working for the plastics processing industry

Chemtech Additive GmbH was established in August 2006 by the two owners Ms. Kirsten Aitzetmüller and Mr. Gernot itzetmüller. Profound knao-how, years of experience in the plastics processing industry and excellent contacts to the PVC industry are the hallmarks of our consultancy services.

The multitude of different additives and raw materials required for PVC treatment, as well as the diverse areas of application in the PVC industry, require, now more than at any time in the past, a comprehensive technical knowledge and innovative ideas.

Our knowledge comprises both extrusions machines, tool making, associated areas and raw material treatment. Our focus is placed on the production of tailor-made formulas for thermo-stabilisers and the production of complete PVC formulas.

Chemtech Additive GmbH has been advising the PVC industry with success for more than five years in the areas of

  • production of PVC formulas,

  • their treatment
  • their processing into end products

Our excellent contacts to the industry enable us to aid you as PVC processor in the procurement of raw materials.

Chemtech Additive GmbH
Gerstenstrasse 16
85304 Ilmmünster
Phone: +49(0) 8441 78 72 288